Browning Trail Cameras Ultimate BuckWatch™ Package

INCLUDES: One (1) Command Ops, one (1) Dark Ops HD, one (1) Recon Force FHD, one (1) Security Box, one (1) Tree Mount, three (3) 8GB SDHC Cards, and three (3) sets of 8-AA Batteries.

That's 3 high-performance cameras w/ enough batteries and SD cards for you to hit the ground running as well as a security box and a tree mount for those special set-ups!

Command Ops
The Command Ops series of trail cameras delivers big performance in a small package for a great value. The crisp 8MP image resolution ensures the very best quality pictures of the wildlife in your area, day or night. And with .67 second trigger speeds designed to capture the most wildlife possible, you are sure to capture anything that steps out in front of your game camera. The Command Ops series also features 720p HD video with sound and allows you to enhance your overall trail camera experience by capturing amazing video of all of the wildlife on your property.

Dark Ops HD
Browning Trail Cameras is bringing back the most popular high-performance compact "Night Vision" game camera in the hunting industry. The Dark Ops HD camera delivers the same high performance features found in the rest of the Browning Trail Camera line. The Dark Ops HD camera features an invisible infrared flash to ensure that wildlife or trespassers on your property do not detect the camera and yet it still delivers the performance you expect from Browning Trail Cameras. With 10MP picture quality, 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound, lightning fast trigger speeds, superior battery life, and an impressive flash range of 70 feet, the Browning Dark Ops HD camera is designed to perform at the highest levels on the market.

Recon Force FHD
For maximum performance in a trail camera, the Browning Trail Camera Recon Force FHD is as good as it gets. With enhanced battery life and extended flash range the Recon Force FHD delivers incredible 10MP image resolution and Full 1080p HD video clips with sound to give users a variety of settings and adjustments to capture exactly what they want. This camera also features an incredible 100 feet of IR illumination at night with a solid detection range of 55 feet. To take it one step further, the Recon Force FHD camera series also features "Zero Blur" technology for the very best quality images, day or night. This trail camera is stacked with an array of some of the best features in the industry.

Browning Trail Cameras Ultimate BuckWatch™ Package offered on these dates:

April 03, 2016

April 18, 2016

April 27, 2016